Formlabs 3D printer for your printing needs

Formlabs unveiled the formlabs 3d printer recently targeted as the new generation of 3d printers. Set as the new low cost printing device, the formlabs 3d printer is a Stereolithography 3D printer that is made to fulfill the needs of home. Innovations in the field of printers have been at an upswing from quite some times. From the traditional
printers to take out paper copies, nowadays the 3d printers are enabled with unique features that can even produce replicas of paper design in stainless steel, plastic or human tissue modules. Isn’t it great! Well apart from these features the formlabs 3d printer is
extremely stylish and sleekly designed and caters to every person.

Formlabs 3d printer technical specification:

The formlabs 3d printer can print objects up to a size of 4.9*4.9*6.5inches and will have layers that can be 25 microns thick. Its resolution is four times higher than the other available 3d printers in the market. Like the other printers, plastic is not generated in the formlabs 3d printer from an inbuilt platform; instead they are extracted from resin. Many people feel that Resin based process leads to a sticky resin print on the end products. However, this issue has been addressed by the technical department of Formlabs by providing a Form Finish Kit that comes with a tray, tool and a cleaning solution that has been specifically designed so as to take out the printed objects sticky free and clean. The quality of resin used is also very strong and has the potential of staying intact under the sunlight for more than a month. The formlabs 3d printer box comes with a USB stick that will connect the device to the computers and has its own software that will enable easy setup and installation of the printer.

Formlabs 3d printer Features:

The design tool that has been used to create this master – piece of 3d innovation is Solid Works. The formlabs 3d printer comes in a transparent orange box that protects the machine from harmful UV rays entering in it and lets a person sees his creation being built in front of his eyes. It has a high tolerance level and do not expect the printer to break down after a heavy day at work. What’s more! The formlabs 3d printer is absolutely well made to serve the need of you as well as your entire family. No matter whatever your printing need, you will find this printer fitting to all your needs. You will never need any printer in future after buying this.

One can very well predict that the future of high technology printers are not very far away with the introduction of the formlabs 3d printer that is user-friendly yet innovative. The formlabs 3d printer is both professional as well as personal, depending on your requirement. The machine is sized as a desktop and can conveniently be placed at any part of your home and office. With high resolution and better product quality, the printer is set to make your using experience quite delightful and creative. Going by the positive reviews, one can easily say that the formlabs 3d printer is already a winner with the users.

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