Cube 3d Printer for creative printing experience

Cube 3d printer is a revolutionary technology that has been developed over a number of years to provide an absolutely unique experience to the users. The 3d printers are more technological in approach with techniques like Stereolithography or fused deposition modeling used to create them and had been in demand from quite a few years. This innovation has been made possible only through creative modern technology and cut to cut innovation techniques. These printers have carved the scope for the new age printing where a printing device, on being connected to a computer has the capacity to print out solid physical objects. This type of printer is all set to create a revolution in the printing industry. This will add a new dimension to this industry.

Cube 3d Printer specifications:

Taking about the Cube 3d printers alone, the printer has a cube dimension of 26*26*34 cm and weight of 9.5 lb. Wireless connection is available through Adhoc mode and WPS infrastructure and requires a Cubify Client Software for installation. This software is already available in the Cube 3d printer box and helps create .CUBE files on the computer. The printer comes with a USB stick that helps connect the printer to the computer and uses Plastic Jet Printing technology. The material used is made up of plastic that is very tough and can be recycled for further use. The printer is quite cost effective and a single cartridge used can create up to fourteen creations.

The windows requirements for using the Cube 3d printer are 32 and 64 bit operating systems like the Window XP professional, Home edition or the Windows 7. One more requirement for the proper functioning of this printer is Mac OSX 10.8. A personal computer needs to have a minimum screen resolution of 1024/768, a system RAM of two GB as well as 2GHZ or faster core processor to make the printer adaptable with it. Apart from these specifications, the printer comes with a three month warranty on the different parts and labor.

Cube 3d Printer price:

A big-laid back for most consumers is the high price of the Cube 3d printer. The printer is not very affordable for an average income earner and hence is neither convenient nor cost effective for home. Schools and educational institutes can however, use this innovation in classrooms. Schools apart, scientists, artists, designers and even people from other fields can use the printers as a part of their work.

nnounced as the ”first consumer 3D printer for children aged eight to eighty years”, the Cube 3d printers is quite an innovation in itself. A completely Wi-Fi enabled printer, the latest innovation from Cube costs a staggering amount and creates objects straight out of the box where no assembly is required. Twenty five free creations remain available with the printer at the time of purchasing it and the Cube software makes the setup process extremely simple. The cartridges can be used with ten different colors that have been selected by the Cube itself. With the smart plug and play device, the Cube 3d printer will make sure that you and your entire family becomes more creative.

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